Roni Keren

Sweet Box

Hidden amongst the spice shops of Tel Aviv’s  lively Levinsky market you can find the Sweet Box – an American style bakery – to please both your palate and your eyes.  The quaint shop in the front displays the baked goods emerging from the much larger 60 sq.meter industrial kitchen in the back.

The bakery name, logo and packaging were the inspiration for the concept and the design language for the space.  My vision was to design a shop where the handmade baked goods made onsite could be displayed like high end jewelry. The light blue color of the packaging served as the color palette for the space.  Glass display cases with brass borders frame the baked goods.  The light blue flooring and ceiling  give the customers the feeling that they have entered the box itself.  The curl following the name in the logo is expressed in the arcs in the concrete floor tiles designed specially for this project as well as in the CNC on the main wall.



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