Roni Keren

​​”Shipuday Hakikar” Restaurant, Rishon Le’Ziyon

​”Shipuday Hakikar” Restaurant specializes in meat on skewers and homemade food and has a warm, family style and modest atmosphere. The inspiration for the design came from the way the food is eaten with emphasis on the style of the Asian street food scene. While working on this project we came up with the idea to produce a series of black and white photographs of people of all ages enjoying the food served in the restaurant. The design concept was to have a neutral space which would highlight the portraits. The walls were then plastered with sand colored plaster and large 80cm X 80cm floor tiles were chosen. Knotted oak panels were painted to give an antique and recycled wood appearance to the tables. A dark stone counter was installed and construction frames were added to add greenery and color to the monochromatic color scheme.